In the past few years more and more abstract art artists start creating black abstract art. Black abstract art is definitely experiencing a tremendous rise in popularity. In this post I will provide my take on black abstract art, Where it is going and how I create my own black abstract artworks.

What are black abstract paintings?

The term Black abstract paintings is a term used to describe abstract artworks whose main color theme is black (or a very dark tone of grey).


Large black abstract line wall art on canvas

“Human brain” – Large black abstract wall art on canvas by Ron Deri


When did black abstract art start to become popular?

As a matter of fact, Black abstract art is not a new trend at all.

Black abstract paintings started to gain popularity and public interest around 2011 and it has been growing strong ever since.

Even though it has been in the public eye for a while now, I must say, This last year i started getting more and more clients that specifically ask for a “dark themed” painting or explicitly requesting that i create a “black abstract” painting for them.

What do black abstract paintings mean?

Some people might think black abstract paintings are dark or ominous.

While this may be the case for some artworks I think this description does not apply to most.

Black themed paintings could convey a very clean and calming vibe.

The “darkness” or “blackness” of the painting may also convey actual darkness or night time.

In most of my black abstract art work I use the black tones to create a background scene that emphasises the main subject of the painting.

In other cases i may use the black tones for the main subject of a painting to convey “emptiness”, “void” or to generate a simple yet elegant vibe.



“Tree of life” – Black abstract art by Ron Deri


Where do black abstract paintings fit best?

Generally, black abstract paintings fit best in a room or space that enables them to have their own space.

Since most walls are white (or very lightly toned) black paintings seem to be very bold and eye catching.

The bold black tones on a big white space will surely capture any beholders attention.

I would say black abstract artworks fit best in bedrooms, Assuming the lighting is somewhat softer than other spaces.

To me, something about the dark tones and simple shapes convey a sense of intelligence.

Black abstract wall art may also work well in a living room or lounge, Provided that the rest of the furniture and elements in the space are not very colourful.


Huge black and gold abstract painting by Ron Deri

“Connections” huge black and gold abstract painting by Ron Deri



Black and white abstract art by Ron Deri

“Impassioned” – Black, white and grey abstract wall art by Ron Deri


How do i create my original black abstract art?

For me, it is very important to use premium materials to create my original abstract art.

Especially for black abstract art where the contrast between the dark tones and the light tones need to be very high and distinct.

I use a premium quality Italian canvas which ensures the shapes and strokes remain the same as the day i made them over hundreds of years.

For paints i make sure to use only the finest grade of dark black oil and acrylic paints.

That also contributes to the contrast ratio between white and black and make sure the artwork would remain as it is for the longest time possible.


Ron deri - Abstract art creating process

Ron deri – Abstract art creation process


What colors go well with black?

Basically for a physics point of view, Black is the absence of light.

In order to generate a black tone in nature an object must absorb the entire range of light rays that hit it.

So you could say black is the absence of color but at the same time black is all the colors combined together.

In my personal opinion – Black goes well with all colors.

I think black tones are most prominent when used in conjunction with a limited amount of other colors (I would prefer one or two other colors).

I think this use of black with one or two more colors allows for the black tones to get the respect and attention they deserve while also allowing the other colors to be noticed.


New York Style - Black and colorful abstact art by Ron Deri

New York Style – Black and colorful abstact art by Ron Deri


Black and Gold abstract art

In my artworks i use a lot of gold leaves that are made of real gold.

I love how the black tones convey darkness while the gold leaves are so bright and reflect light, Something about this contrast between the black and gold is just amazing.

I think on one hand the dark tones of black compliment the gold leaves and on the other hand the reflective bright surface of the gold leaves makes the black tones really stand out.

This combination of black and gold gives an exquisite unique sensation to anyone who beholds it.

If your looking to add a sense of prestige to a space – black and gold wall art is definitely the way to go.


"Infinity Waterfall" - Black and gold abstract painting by Ron Deri

“Infinity Waterfall” – Black and gold abstract painting by Ron Deri


"Ethereal Streaks" Black and gold square abstract art by Ron Deri

“Ethereal Streaks” Black and gold square abstract art by Ron Deri


Black abstract wall art for an office or study

It’s very important to decorate offices, studies and other work spaces especially if you are having clients come to these spaces for business meetings.

The art you choose for such a space should really reflect who you or the company you work for are.

As i mentioned before, dark toned paintings provide a very clean and intelligent look and feel.

If the space is decorated using black or dark furniture and the business in question wants to give out a premium, serious vibe – dark paintings may be just the thing you need.

It’s important to make sure the wall space in which the black painting will be hanged is big enough to provide enough white space around the painting.

Since dark themed paintings are very bold on a white background it is important that you leave a lot of white space around the painting.


"Phases" - a set of 2 black abstract paintings by Ron Deri

“Phases” – a set of 2 black abstract paintings by Ron Deri


How to tell if a black painting is the right fit for you

I think for the right space or room a black painting may be a great fit for everyone.

If you’re looking for an artwork that would be a corner stone piece of the rooms’ decor, I recommend you give a black painting a serious consideration.

Keep in mind that black doesn’t always mean “dark” or negative.

A black artwork also invokes a simple, clean, intelligent vibe and could really inspire anyone who lays eyes on it.


"Minimalism" - Black and white abstract artwork on canvas by Ron Deri

“Minimalism” – Black and white abstract artwork on canvas by Ron Deri


Black paintings on dark walls

I haven’t seen may rooms that are painted in a dark color, let alone black.

If you have a such a room and you would like to hang a black abstract artwork in it – I would suggest you pay close attention to the frame the painting will be in.

White paintings on white walls work great as long as the paintings’ frame or mat (the surface between the frame and the painting) provides enough contrast between the wall the art piece.

I don’t see any reason a black painting wouldn’t work just as well on a black or dark wall.


"Black Silk" - Abstract wall art by Ron Deri

“Black Silk” – Abstract wall art by Ron Deri



Black abstract art is definitely here to stay. I invite you to browse my gallery for more original, hand made black abstract paintings and artworks.

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