In the past few years i have noticed more and more artists creating very inspiring black and white abstract art.

At the same time a rapidly growing number of people choose black and white art for their home decor.

So, Is black and white abstract art becoming a new trend in home decor?

My take on black and White wall art

In the past few years i’ve painted numerous black and white abstract paintings using oil paints and acrylics.

The lack of color restricts me to convey my intention and emotion using solely contrast, shapes and textures.

Sometimes those kind of restrictions actually force me to be more creative and push me towards refining the idea I’m trying to convey with my painting.

I find that those kinds of restrictions often lead me towards creating a more inspiring painting and i love them for it.

  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_10
  • stain 2 monochrome wall art on canvas - black and white - by ron deri
  • black and white modern wall art by ron deri
  • black and white contemporary canvas wall art by ron deri
  • monochrome canvas home decor art by ron deri
  • black and white home decor art
  • stain 2 zoom - top left
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  • stain 2 zoom - bottom left
  • stain 2 zoom - bottom right

For my black and white abstract paintings i use high quality, bright white canvas and rich, deep black paints.

The use of high quality materials a important to be able to create high contrasting paintings that would remain vivid for hundreds of years to come.

For the piece featured above, I was imagining an ocean and a wave crashing upon a large rock.

I think i managed to capture the motion of the wave and the movement it generates when crashing on a rock.

I’m very happy with this piece and it turned out to be one of my best selling art prints.

  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_11
  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_5
  • black and white wall art on canvas by ron deri
  • monochrome black and white large canvas wall art by ron deri for sale
  • monochrome modern contemporary large canvas wall art by ron deri for home decor
  • inifinity roads - zoom - top left
  • inifinity roads - zoom - top right
  • inifinity roads - zoom - bottom left
  • inifinity roads - zoom - bottom right

“Infinity Roads” is a black and white painting i created after gaining some insight on a very confusing time of my life.

The straight lines represent our plans and ambitions as people, The roads we picture ourselves walking in.

The rounded circular shapes represent the detours life often takes us on.

Some are a great and lead us to experience things we never could have imagined.

Some are there to teach us lessons that we needed to learn.

The painting captures my insights and resolutions on that confusing time and every time i look at it i feel inspired and reassured.

How to use black and white art in home decor

Modern home decor projects often feature a black and white only color schemes for a room.

Usually when choosing a duotone color scheme for a room you would also choose elegant and simplified design for the furniture.

This method creates a very clean and elegant vibe in the room it is applied in.

In such a home decor design – Black and white wall art could add a very elegant and simple touch.

The complex shapes and textures in the painting (or art print) would add a much needed layer of complexity to the overall design.

  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_17
  • modern black and white large canvas art by ron deri
  • contemporary art black and white canvas print by ron deri
  • black and white modern wall art for home decor
  • contemporary wall art, high quality print, black and white monochrome by ron deri
  • stain 3 - zoom - top left
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Another relatively popular home decor trend in recent years is the use of light, “washed out” tones for the furniture.

In such a room, black and white canvas art could add an interesting visual appeal while not adding “color complexity” to the room.

Black and White abstract art by Ron Deri for modern home decor
“Minimalism” – Black and White abstract art in modern home decor

A touch of gold could go a long way

The main idea behind black and white abstract art is that it’s black and white only.

One of the colors that compliments both black and white in a very interesting manner is gold.

Gold tones may sound a bit old fashioned when talking about modern home decor but trust me, a touch of gold could just be that little addition that would give the room the “zing” you were looking for.

  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_8
  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_4
  • black white and gold modern canvas wall art by ron deri
  • black white and gold nature large canvas wall art by ron deri
  • black white and gold modern canvas wall art for sale by ron deri
  • frozen lake - zoom - top left
  • frozen lake - zoom - top right
  • frozen lake - zoom - bottom left
  • frozen lake - zoom - bottom right

Gold also goes really well with blue tones so if you have any blue items in the design then black, white and gold paintings may be even more suitable for your space.

Why do so many people love black and white art

I think the high contrast is what appeals to most people, Black and White are the two most contrasting colors in nature.

Our eyes and brains are trained to observe contrast over colors and tones.

Also, the lack of colors forces us to use our imagination and that is rather rare luxury in modern times.

With all the technology and smart screens around us, A moment of pure thought and imagination is certainly a rewarding treat.

In nature, there aren’t many things that are purely black and white and there aren’t many things that feature such high contrasting colors.

One those things that do exist in the natural world is eyes. Black pupils over a white background.

Eyes have been called “the gateway to the soul” and maybe the contrast in the black and white art reminds a little part us of those gateways to the souls of the people we love.

Maybe that is what gives us that kind of a familiar feeling while looking at black and white art, That moment of concentration and understanding.

Most things we see in day to day life are colorful, I think that is why when we see a black and white painting we suddenly feel the urge to stop, look and try to understand.

  • gray-abstract-painting-on-canvas-ron-deri_resize

Black and white wall art black and white home decor

I noticed some modern home decor projects feature a black and white only design.

For those kinds of home decor designs i actually would not recommend using a black and white abstract wall art.

It would blend in too well and you would miss its’ visual impact.

For black and white themed home decor i would probably suggest a colourful painting.

That would stand out from the duotone design of the room and provide an interesting visual focal point.

  • blue-gold-abstract-large-wall-art-painting-ron-deri

In the above example we can see a black and white themed room decor.

The colourful blue & gold art really stands out and adds visual appeal to the entire design.

A black and white painting or art print would not stand out in such a design.

It would blend in and i don’t think it would add to the room what it was meant to.

Is black and white art here to stay?

I don’t think black and white art in home decor will be a passing trend.

Unlike some other home decor trends, Black and White art touches our very core as human beings.

It provides us with something we rarely see in other objects in our day to day life.

Black and white art has been with us since the beginning of art itself.

I think the modern interpretation of black and white and how it manifests itself in art is amazing, beautiful and inspiring.

I can’t wait to see where artists takes this trend and how they would utilise the high contract to portray their thoughts and ideas.

If it will last or not, No one can tell.

I for one really hope we would continue to see more artists creating high contrasting black and white abstract art and more and more people choosing this type of inspiring art to decorate their homes.