We’re just starting 2020 and i think this year abstract art is going to get even more popular.
Abstract art expresses our most complex thoughts and emotions using abstract shapes and vivid colors.
In recent years I’ve seen thousands of paintings and i watched various trends rise and decline.
In this post i’ll try to predict which trends will dominate 2020 and catch our eyes and hearts.


1. Expressive line work

In 2019 I’ve started noticing more and more paintings with bold wild lines.
For me, These kind of lines represents chaos and confusion.
I think something about these kinds of works really captures our state of mind while we make complex decisions and i think it’s beautiful.

Expressive lines abstract painting by Ron Deri - red, dark black

Expressive lines abstract painting by Ron Deri – red, dark black


2. Soft colors

The use of soft colors in abstract art generally tries to convey a feeling of calmness.
I like to use soft colors in conjunction with gold leaves to create a soothing intriguing feeling.
In my opinion gold leaves blend really well with soft acrylics such as pink, beige, grey and azure.
I think we’re going to see growing use of soft colors in 2020 and i can’t wait to see how this trend is going to unfold.


3. Abstract depictions of nature

Nature has been featured in art since the beginning of time, It has always been a great source of inspiration for artists.
In the last few years i have stumbled upon many interesting nature abstract paintings.
I hope this year we’ll see more of them – Forests, Mountains, Landscapes, Wildlife and more.


4. Use of deep blacks in abstract art

Abstract art isn’t all about vivid colors and sharp shapes.
Deep and rich black colors can convey a very calm sensation.
In 2019 I’ve seen more and more dark black abstract art and i think this trend is going to grow bigger in 2020.
I think dark black colors allow other colors to be emphasized, especially gold, pink and other bright colors.
In my abstract paintings, I mostly use black colors to convey depth and quiet.


5. Matching abstract painting sets

This may be one of my favorite trends.
I’m seeing more and more paintings that are made and sold as sets of 2 or more pieces.
The ability to frame a single work as multiple separate pieces allows the artist a new medium to convey his thoughts and muse.
I predict we’ll more of those in the coming year and i can’t wait to see how artists take advantage of this new trend.
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6. Use of bright and neon colors

Abstract art is well know for its wide variety of crazy colors and shapes.
Lately I’ve started to notice a lot of artists whose work consists of such bold bright colors.
These vivid colors are usually used with rigid brush strokes and convey a lot of energy.
I think in the coming year we’ll see more of this trend.




I’m anxious to see what new trends 2020 will bring with it. Im sure new trends will form and artists will continue to take their art to the limit as they always have.
I think and hope abstract art as a genre is going to continue to grow and become more and more popular.

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