Decorating a home or an office doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal.

Abstract art prints is the perfect solution to decorate your home with beautiful and inspiring abstract art while keeping the budget at bay.

Original abstract paintings are most times very expensive as they are unique and one of a kind.

Abstract art prints could provide your room with a similar vibe and feel but for a fraction of the price.

What are abstract art prints?

Abstract art prints are a high quality print reproduction of an original abstract painting hand made by an artist.

A hand made original abstract painting is one of a kind.

Reproducing the original painting via a high quality print medium allows the artist to offer his or hers work to a larger audience and enables more customers to enjoy the artists work.

How do i produce my abstract art prints?

Every abstract art print begins its life as an original abstract painting.

The first step in my process is to paint a new and unique original piece.

After i’m done creating the original artwork i have it photographed by a professional art photographer.

The art photographer uses special lighting and a very high resolution camera to produce a very detailed and accurate photograph of the original painting.

The photographing process is crucial in order to reproduce an abstract art print that contains all the original details, textures and tones of the original painting.

The abstract art print is then giclee (Giclée) printed with pigment ink on a high quality matte canvas (410g/m2).

The materials used in the printing process are of the highest quality to ensure the abstract art print reproduction will look as close to the original piece as possible.

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How does the abstract art prints differ from the original painting?

Original hand made abstract paintings are made using acrylic and / or oil paints on canvas.

The process of applying the paints (and gold leaves in my case) gives the canvas a beautiful texture which is noticeable to the an expert meticulous observer.

An abstract art print would look almost if not exactly identical to the original abstract painting although on the print variant the textures would be reproduced visually only using the printing pigment.

That difference is hardly noticeable to an untrained eye and i think you’ll find my abstract art prints perfectly suitable to decorate your home or office.

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Why do i make abstract art prints?

Reproducing my original abstract paintings as abstract art prints allows my art to reach and influence more people which is my greatest satisfaction as an artist.

I believe abstract art should be available to everyone and i like the that abstract art prints allows more people to enjoy my art even if their budget doesn’t allow for an original piece.

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Would an art print be suitable for my home?

If you love beautiful and inspiring modern art and your budget is limited – An abstract art print would be a perfect fit for you.

My high quality art prints are almost in-distinguishable from an original paintings.

If you choose to use an art print for your home decor you would achieve the elegant and satisfying vibe of a unique artwork while keeping your budget at a sensible level.

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How are the art prints packaged and shipped?

The abstract art prints are shipped rolled inside a rigid cardboard tube.

This is the most cost effective way to package the art print while ensuring its integrity and preserving it in its perfect condition.

Once the art print arrives at your home or office you may have it framed or stretched around stretching bars.

The abstract art print comes with an excess of 1.5″ of white space on all sides to allow for stretching and framing.

Using this packaging and shipping method you enjoy the lowest price possible for shipping and you also benefit from being able to personally choose the frame you want for the art print.

An example of the rigid cardbox tube the art prints are rolled and packaged in

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I hope the information outlined in this post helped you make a decision about wether or not you should purchase an original painting or an abstract art print reproduction.

I invite you to browse my gallery for abstract art prints or original abstract paintings