Ah gold, The one color that compliments every other color pefectly.

Latley i’ve been seeing more and more people incorporate gold abstract paintings in interior design.

Gold is color and material to add a prestige touch to your interior design.

In my gold abstract art collection i make sure to use high quality gold leaves made from real gold.

I have developed a special technique that allows me to bind the gold leaves to the canvas.

The gold leaves i use in my abstract artworks combine perfectly with high quality acrylic & oil paints which ensures the painting will remain vivid for hundreds of years to come.

Gold abstract art adds a classy touch to any interior design

Gold is the essence of elegance.

A well chosen and carefully placed gold abstract painting will give a room that prestige spark you’ve been looking for.

Gold goes well with all colors, I think it has the most effect on plain white or dark painted walls.

In this example we can see a blue, teal and gold abstract wall art that fits perfectly with a white themed room.

It gives the room a very classical look and spark.

In this artwork i used several shades of blue and teal combined with high quality gold leaves.

Note in this particular room is mostly made of soft & round textures, There are few “sharp” shapes (the lamp stamp and the table legs)

The painting is made of blunt shapes and it adds a degree of preciseness to overall interior design of the room.

Dark walls go with gold & dark paintings

Dark painted walls are also a relatively new trend i noticed in the last couple of years.

Sometimes painting once wall of a space in a dark color gives the room a certain depth that would be very hard to achieve otherwise.

For dark walls i would recommend choosing a relatively dark abstract artwork.

A dark abstract painting that also features a vibrant color or gold leaves would give the wall the edge it was missing.

Here is a great example of how a gold black abstract painting fits on a dark wall and perfectly compliments the other elements in the room.

In this case the gold art piece is flirting with the golden standing lamp and the yellow colored pillows on the sofa.

Gold combined with another vibrant color will add a blast of color to any space

One of my most loved and best selling paintings is “Energy”.

  • purple-gold-leaf-painting-handmade-art-on-canvas-large-wall-art-decor-livingroom-ron-deri
  • large purple gold painting 8
  • large purple gold painting
  • large purple gold painting 8

This abstract painting is a brave combination of vivid purple and gold leaves.

I used a special technique i developed to create the unique abstract shapes of the gold leaves over the bright pink and purple paints.

Notice how the gold leaves in the painting compliment the other gold themed objects in the space.

The golden stripes on the floors tiling and the gold frame of the painting in the distant room for example.

Gold abstract art is the essence of elegance

One of my oldest large gold abstract art is “Infinity waterfall”.

In this abstract painting i chose to use a large sheet of gold leave, very dark and deep black acrylic paint and a stroke of bright white paint.

I think this use of metallic colors to create natural landscapes creates a sense of infinity, A force that is greater than we are.

This piece is one the paintings i take most pride on.

I think it would add a prestigious classy look and feel to any interior design project.

Gold goes well with black and white tones in abstract art

Although gold goes well with all colors there something very unique when gold is combined with the most basic of colors – black and white.

  • Huge black and gold abstract painting by Ron Deri
  • abstract-painting-black-gold

In this example i think the black, white and gold shapes in the painting perfectly compliment the curves of the piano in the room.

In my opinon this is a very clever and intelligent use of abstract art in interior design.

Gold abstract art also goes well with wooden furniture

Some of the gold leaves i use have a texture that resembles some wooden textures.

Gold abstract art can be used well with wooden objects in a room.

This combination is a bit more tricky to pull of but when it’s done correctly the results are truly unique and captivating.

  • modern_gold_green_mint_abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri
  • colorful-gold-leaf-abstract-handmade-painting-modern-art-by-artist-ron-deri
  • abstract-paintings-large-wall-art-ron-deri
  • painting gold mint abstract
  • painting gold mint abstract
  • painting gold mint abstract

In the second picture you can see my abstract “Palette” painting in a customers home.

The gold in the painting compliments the golden handles on the wooden cabinet and the gold foil in the black bowl.

Also, the teal background of the painting is a adds a very nice contrasting touch to the brown wooden cabinet.

A single gold element can hold its own

We talked a lot about how to combine gold abstract art with other golden elements in a room.

It’s worth noting that painting with gold tones can certainly be the only element in the space that has gold in it.

Gold is a very unique and special color and it holds its own even when it doesn’t have any other golden elements to compliment.

  • blue_navy_abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri
  • contemporary blue abstract painting gold leaf 6
  • blue-gold-abstract-art-painting
  • contemporary blue abstract painting gold leaf 6
  • contemporary blue abstract painting gold leaf 6
  • contemporary blue abstract painting gold leaf 6

For exmaple, in this case the gold in the painting is the only gold element in the space and still it adds a a lot to the room.

Gold abstract art on oddly textured walls

In interior design sometimes it’s a good idea to have one wall with a unique distinct texture.

Marble texture, for example, can add a very clean modern look to a space if placed correctly.

Gold abstract paintings look incredibly well on these kinds of textured walls.

  • "Ethereal Streaks" Black and gold square abstract art by Ron Deri
  • oversize-gold-leaf-painting-abstract-large-wall-art

Especially in this case, Where the shapes in the painting have a connection both to the marble texture of the right wall and the wooden textures of the wall on the left.

In this example the interior designer made a very intelligent decision to place this specific abstract painting on the spot where the two walls meet.

Since the paintings textures compliments the textures of both walls it helps transition between them smoothly.

Also notice how the texture of the marble coffee table adds to the total atmosphere the room generates.

Using gold to depict nature in abstract art

We may sometimes forget that gold is a natural material.

It may remind of some metals we are used to seeing in all kinds of technological devices and gadgets but truth is gold is as natural as dirt and precious gems.

On occasion i would use gold to paint natural objects.

In this example i chose to use small gold leaves to depict trees that are a part of a large forest.

The designer chose this painting for a very open apartement interior design project.

In this interior design project, It was very important to keep a close seamless connection between in-doors to out-doors while maintaining a sense of modern elegance.

I think the interior designer made very intelligent choice of art work for this project.