Having a perfectly organised home is a dream almost all of us share.

Sometimes it seems like home organization projects never seem to end.

You find yourself perfectly arranging an entire room and still you feel like somethings missing.

There are literally thousands of tips, tools, gadgets that could help us make that “perfectly organized home” dream a reality.

But could an abstract wall art be the missing piece that will make your home organisation project finally feel complete?

How does abstract art pull a room together

Some people may think blank empty walls convey a sense of simplicity or elegance.

In reality empty walls usually feel exactly like they’re called – empty.

Perfectly organized furniture and home decor items are just not enough to make a room feel whole.

Paintings are a integral part of the décor of any room and they will help to generate the sense you want that room to have on people while they are in it.

Carefully selected wall art could create a seamless connection between all the other items in the room.

Abstract art – a storm in the sea of organization

Meticulously organized homes may be a source of inspiration for many people but the truth is they sometimes feel not personal and not “lived in”.

Some abstract artworks are chaotic by nature.

A well selected chaotic abstract painting can make a strictly organized space feel lived in, more approachable and comfortable.

  • blue-skyline-paintings-set-of-2-ron-deri
  • two-paintings-blue-gold-abstract-art-ron-deri
  • blue-abstract-paintings-gold-art-ron-deri
  • blue gold abstract two paintings set by ron deri
  • blue gold abstract two paintings set by ron deri

Take this blue abstract wall art for instance.

The chaotic shapes, brush strokes and gold leaves create a somewhat pleasing “mess” in the context of a perfectly organized living room.

Without it the room would fill empty and unnatural.

I think this piece perfectly demonstrates how an abstract art piece could take a space and instantly make it into a personal, lived in room.

Spicing up gate way spaces

When decoration and organizing our home we often leave out small spaces such as corridors or small spaces used to connect rooms.

It’s important to remember that those spaces are used to move between rooms, While we do that we are usually walking upright and our gaze naturally meets the wall.

Any artwork we would place in such a space will be a one we see a lot of.

Make sure to choose an artwork that would tie both spaces together.

  • forest abstract blue gold painting acrylic by ron deri 3
  • forest abstract blue gold painting acrylic by ron deri 3
  • forest abstract blue gold painting acrylic by ron deri 3

In this example we can see how a carefully placed dark blue & gold abstract painting in the space between two rooms adds light and connection between the two spaces.

Without it the gateway space might feel blank and empty.

The artwork certainly makes the experience of walking from one room to another a much more pleasant one.

Adding a splash of color to a room

Most rooms are painted white which gives out a feeling that the room is clean.

Some people choose to decorate and organize a certain room using a single color theme.

For some rooms that’s a great idea! If you feel like the room is “dull” you could try placing a differently colored art work in the room to give more color and kick.

  • green-abstract-paintings-ron-deri
  • black-green-two-paintings-set-abstract-ron-deri
  • green-two-paintings-set-abstract-ron-deri
  • green set of 2 paintings abstract art by ron deri
  • green set of 2 paintings abstract art by ron deri
  • green set of 2 paintings abstract art by ron deri
  • green set of 2 paintings abstract art by ron deri
  • green set of 2 paintings abstract art by ron deri

In this example we can see a brown themed room, a grey themed room and white themed room each fitted with a bright green large abstract painting.

The green tones in the painting beautifully compliment the green tones in the plants and really help tie the room together and make it into a personal, well designed living room.

Creating contrast on a dark wall

Walls painted in a dark shade of blue, green or even black or grey are kind of trending the past few years.

Darkly colored walls could add a very modern twist to any space and i think they’re great.

In order for the wall to generate a positive vibe, sometimes you might want to place a lightly toned painting on the dark wall to lighten things up.

  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_2
  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_12
  • birds seating on a tree branch painting by ron deri
  • birdsmodern canvas wall art for sale by ron deri
  • birds contemporary abstract wall art for home decor by ron deri
  • wall art for home decor, nature, soothing tones by ron deri
  • birds - zoom - top left
  • birds - zoom - top right
  • birds - zoom - bottom left
  • birds - zoom - bottom right

You could clearly see how this larglely white painting “breaks” the overall darkness of the wall it’s placed on.

This contrast between light and dark provides a very satisfying sensation to an otherwise dark blank wall.

Adding a human touch to a space

Some of recent trends in home decor & organization is the use of lots of somewhat dark and smooth textures.

While dark tones and smooth textures are very soothing and elegant, For rooms that feature a lot of such items you might want to consider adding a painting that adds a human touch to room.

  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_7
  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_14
  • abstract blue woman facial portrait by ron deri
  • blue abstract woman face modern art for sale by ron deri
  • teal abstract woman face contemporary art for sale by ron deri
  • woman face abstract art for home decor by ron deri
  • believe - zoom - top left
  • believe - zoom - top right
  • believe - zoom - bottom left
  • believe - zoom - bottom right

Notice how this abstract artwork print adds a very personal and human touch to the rooms which are decorated with modern home decor items.

Abstract art that completes the rooms design

Sometimes all it takes to complete the decoration of a room is a good piece of art.

  • face_abstract_original_painting_on_canvas_ron_deri
  • abstract_art_painting_on_canvas_large_wall_art_ron_deri_15
  • intoxication - zoom - top left
  • intoxication - zoom - top right
  • intoxication - zoom - bottom left
  • intoxication - zoom - bottom right

This artwork for example could go well in a room that is themed with light colors.

It would really compliment lightly colored home decor items and give the room a feeling of personal space.

A blast of color to a white painted wall

We don’t rooms to be too white.

That generate a feeling of emptiness.

If you have such room – consider adding a very colorful and vibrant art piece to give the room an uplifting splash of colors.

  • social-colorful-abstract-print-modern-art-painting-print-canvas-wall-art
  • social-colorful-abstract-print-modern-art-painting-print-canvas-wall-art-3
  • social modern contemporary art on canvas by ron deri
  • modern art on canvas for sale by ron deri
  • contemporary art for sale by ron deri
  • social abstract art for home decor - on sale by ron deri
  • social - zoom - top left
  • social - zoom - top right
  • social - zoom - bottom left
  • social - zoom - bottom right
  • social-colorful-abstract-print-modern-art-painting-print-canvas-wall-art-2

In this example the very colorful and lively abstract line work adds a tremendous boost of colors to a white wall.


When thinking about a home organization project don’t forget to consider the walls of the space you’re organizing.

A good, well chosen and well placed artwork could make a huge difference and turn an unfinished project to a gracefully completed space.

If you’re currently working on a home organization project and you’re looking for the right painting or art print for a certain room – i invite you to browse my online abstract art gallery.

If you feel like you need more guidance about choosing the perfect artwork for a certain space please feel free to contact me and i’m sure i could help you find the perfect piece for your space or even create a custom painted artwork for your room.